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Jaime Vendera on tour with Brian Burkheiser of I Prevail

Jaime Vendera with Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge

Jaime Vendera with long-time student and friend, James LaBrie of Dream Theater

Jaime Vendera shatters glass  with Dr. Oz and Bill Nye the Science Guy on TV

What You Get In The Raise Your Voice Bundle

Raise Your Voice Component #1:

Raise Your Voice Book (2nd Edition)

In this 400-page book, you will learn:

  • How to breathe correctly (Chapter 1)
  • What falsetto is (Chapter 5)
  • The "Zipper Technique" visualization that makes it easy to sing higher notes! (Chapter 6)
  • Ailments and enemies of the voice. Avoid these to keep your voice healthy and strong! (Chapters 13 and 14)
  • The Isolation Method (Chapter 18)
  • How to use the three key exercises of the Isolation Method to expand your range, improve your endurance, and add power! (Chapters 19-24)

Raise Your Voice Component #2:

19 Sing-A-Long Vocal Exercise Audio Tracks

These sample audio tracks can be used for warming up and working out your voice! Mix-and-match, do them all in order, whatever you want to do! These are very flexible, easy-to-use exercise tracks.

Raise Your Voice Component #3:

87 Vocal Demonstration Audios

In these audios, Jaime demonstrates

  • Full voice vs. Falsetto sounds
  • Vocal Fry
  • Unhealthy Loud Shouting
  • Lip Bubbles
  • Transcending Tones
  • Sirens
  • "Back In Black" Screams
  • 2-Octave and 3-Octave Full Voice Slides
  • Death Metal Grit
  • High Scream with Grit
  • Four Types of Vibrato
  • Whistle Voice Notes
  • Multi-Harmonic Screams
  • ...and much more!

Raise Your Voice Component #4:

Recorded One-On-One Voice Lessons

You get 12 videos of Jaime Vendera working one-on-one with private students. Listen and learn from their voices and what Jaime tells them. You can hear them improving during the lessons!

Raise Your Voice Bonuses!

Raise Your Voice BONUS #1:

The Ultimate Vocal Warmup

This 12-exercise, 15-minute warmup is used on the road by pro singers worldwide. Starting with lip bubbles and working up into full voice, it is THE ultimate warmup for serious singers!

Raise Your Voice BONUS #2:

The Ultimate Vocal Warmup + Vocal Stress Release Combo

This is the Ultimate Vocal Warmup, COMBINED with the Vocal Stress Release program as taught in Raise Your Voice. It's one long audio file with Jaime guiding you through stretches and massages while you do your vocal warmup!

Raise Your Voice BONUS #3:

Super Secret Special Singing Report

The Super Secret Special Singing Report is NOT just a laundry list of exercises. It is NOT a bunch of tips you've already heard before about breathing and hydration. This is not a repeat of the same information you've heard about vocal technique. Instead, this document consists of the OTHER, almost "hidden" aspects of what it TRULY takes to get vocal results fast!

There is nothing quite like this available to singers anywhere else right now.

What Others Are Saying

Brian Burkheiser

I Prevail

"He’s been a huge help in getting my voice back after my vocal surgery"

I started working with Jaime Vendera in December of 2018 after searching for a vocal coach and finding Jaime on YouTube. After watching some of his videos, I felt like his down to earth style would be a good fit, so I hired him for two Skype lessons.

On our very first lesson I could tell he cared about his students and we instantly clicked. So I flew him to Detroit for a few days if intensive lessons as I was in the studio recording vocals for Trauma, to get me back in shape after vocal surgery for recording the record and touring with I Prevail.

To everybody who has been complimenting my vocals on our new release, and saying congrats for recovering from vocal surgery, I have to give a big thank you to Jaime. He’s been a huge help in getting my voice back after my vocal surgery and a massive reason for helping me get my confidence back so I could get back out on the road. Every time we meet, his positive mindset inspires and motivates me to be my best!

If you need a vocal coach or you need anybody to motivate you and give you a kick in the ass, Jaime is the guy! I highly recommend him. He’s been my rock throughout the last year and I believe he can be yours too!

Dustin Bates


​"Applying his approach and techniques resulted in a noticeable improvement"

I've never really identified as a "singer" as much as I have the various other elements that go into crafting, recording, and performing songs. I've always worked hard to create the tone and performance necessary to convey as much emotion and meaning as possible, but I wasn't one to wake up and do vocal exercises, read vocal forums, or geek out over the high notes that people sing. I don't even like the Voice. Or any of those shows. (Holy shit are they boring).

Still, I've always tried to give 100% during live performances. And with the relative growth of STARSET I've been confronted with the challenge of playing longer headline sets, more consecutive performances, and with less rest. Given my obsession with improvement and giving the best performance possible, it became necessary to take the vocal aspect more seriously.

I started to focus on the singing, warming up, and increased rehearsals. But this alone wasn't enough. That is where Jaime Vendera came in. A couple years ago he offered to provide me with guidance/lessons to improve my stamina, power, and range. And he did just that. Applying his approach and techniques resulted in a noticeable improvement--one I believe is noticeable even to the untrained ear.

If you've been to a show recently I think you might agree.

I can't speak to whether Jamie can take a non-singer and make them great (he probably can, he's awesome), but he can certainly help to make a singer shine.

Thanks Jaime. (Sorry it took me so long to make this well-deserved post. Like I said, I wanted to make it when I felt conviction.)

Oh, plus he's an awesome, incredibly kind, and supportive guy.

James LaBrie

Dream Theater

"His approach to vocal coaching has helped me improve my voice."

I’ve been studying with Jaime Vendera for some time now and I can honestly say that he’s shown me things vocally that I never really thought about. His book “Raise Your Voice” is a wealth of vocal knowledge and his approach to vocal coaching has helped me to improve my voice. This tour has been amazing; my voice is better than ever. I value Jaime’s wisdom and friendship.

Clayton Stroope

Thriving Ivory, Midnight Cinema

"My vocal range and stamina greatly improved"

I had four Skype lessons with Jaime Vendera during my Thriving Ivory days, then performed on the Carson Daly show before hitting the road again. During the show, I could not believe how easy it was for me to sing. It was like the songs floated out of me. My vocal range and stamina greatly improved once I mastered Jaime’s techniques. I had more lessons while recording for my new band, Midnight Cinema. Now when I sing, I feel like I’ve been sipping on helium! Thanks to Jaime, I’m able to sing night after night and record my best in the studio!

Myles Kennedy

Alter Bridge

"He really cares about the art of singing."

I have known Jaime Vendera for a few years now. He has become one of the best and most well-respected vocal instructors in the business. What sets him apart from many is the fact that he really cares about the art of singing. He is extremely passionate about what he does. While on tour, he came out to see me perform with Alter Bridge. Unfortunately, I was so sick it was rough making it through the set. It looked as if we were going to have to cancel the next show. Jaime spent some time giving me some tips that helped me regain my voice and by the next night, I was able to perform the show. He is fantastic!

Tony Harnell

Starbreaker, TNT, Skid Row

"Anyone of any level will benefit."

Jaime’s book is user friendly. You could carry it around on the road or take it in the studio. It’s easy to read and comprehensive. Jaime has done the research. Having gotten to know the man, I can say without hesitation that I have never met anyone with as much passion for singing and for helping singers. Jaime’s books are for every singer! I found things in his book I didn’t know about and found they worked. Anyone of any level will benefit.

Eric Emery


"My singing ability increased ten-fold"

At first, I was a little leery about taking voice lessons via “Skype.” But after my first lesson with Jaime, I was amazed at not only my progress, but Jaime’s ability to conduct “world-class” vocal lessons on-line. After just three, hour-long sessions, my singing ability increased ten-fold, and that’s no exaggeration.

Ray West

Spread Eagle, Weapons of Anew

"You won't find a better guide"

Jaime Vendera is one of the most inspiring human beings I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a vocal connection with. Not only is he a gifted power house vocalist, and master of vocal knowledge, he's also a good soul. His book "Raise Your Voice" should be standard in every singer's library. You won't find a better guide to finding the truth in your voice than Jaime.

60-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!

If at any point in the next 60 days you are unhappy with the training, just tell us and you’ll get a quick, prompt, no-questions-asked refund of every cent you invested! Less than 4% of people ever ask for a refund, so that means over 96% of singers LOVE what they get in our programs!

Jaime Vendera

Glass-shattering, voice-strengthening specialist, Jaime Vendera, has a unique way of helping singers rediscover the voice they were born with- that uninhibited, playful voice that every child naturally possesses through breathing, supporting, and placing the voice instinctively. Jaime's method is a combination of re-discovering your natural voice by teaching tried and true vocal technique, building internal vocal muscle through a series of unique vocal exercises designed to improve vocal resonance, range & stamina, while altering the singer's mindset to master one's voice.

Jaime started playing professionally at the age of sixteen. At nineteen, he moved to Hollywood, California to study Voice at the Musician’s Institute. He studied under the guidance of teachers Jim Gillette, Elizabeth Sabine, and Thomas Appell.

On his own, Jaime has studied voice, yoga, massage therapy, reflexology, hypnosis, anatomy, and holistic healing. Jaime's Isolation exercises develop vocal muscle, much like bodybuilders develop muscle by lifting weights. Isolation exercises allow a singer to build the voice note by note, in minimal time. When combined with the Vocal Stress Release program, Jaime's program for releasing vocal and physical stress, you'll build an amazing voice, but stronger than you ever imagined.

Jaime's vocal training books, videos, and audio programs have been used by countless singers worldwide, including by singers of bands such as, TNT, Nitro, I Prevail, Starset, Skyharbor, From Ashes to new, Dream Theater, Journey, Kill Hannah, RA, Future Leaders of the World, XYZ, and Alter Bridge. Combining his vocal training methods with his creative mindset program (the secret to his success drive) Jaime turns singers into vocal machines. Not only does he teach his unique methods through private lessons in Columbus, Ohio as well as online, he also conducts vocal seminars and workshops worldwide.

Jaime has used his simple principles to set a world record by shattering a glass by the power of his voice, without amplification of any sort. He has also proven this accomplishment on dozens of television shows in the US, China, Japan, and Europe, including Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, The Dr. Oz Show and National Geographic’s Humanly Impossible.

Jaime is also an author who has written and released dozens of books and products, including Raise Your Voice, Unleash Your Creative Mindset, Mind Over Music, the Tuned XD vocal training app, the Extreme Scream audio training series, and the Beyond the Voice video training series. He is also dean of the Vendera Vocal Academy, an online training institute for singers.

Jaime currently resides in Ohio with his wife, Diane, and a small herd of cats and dogs.