Sing Higher, Better, And Stronger In Just 24 Minutes A Day!

Introducing the V24 Vocal Training Program!

V24 is a straight-forward, step-by-step daily vocal routine designed to break down the walls of practice procrastination and help the singer overcome vocal obstacles in as little as 24-minutes per day. V24 was designed for the singer who wants to develop the voice, but is confused about where to start, how long to practice, and what exactly to practice. Based on Jaime Vendera's, "7-Week training program" as described in his book, Raise Your Voice, V24 goes beyond the original 7-week concept to incorporate a unique time-based vocal training system to build vocal muscle, range, and tone at a steady pace.

This is the program that Jaime Vendera himself practices daily to maintain his glass-shattering voice! Think of your voice like a muscle, and V24 is your new gym where you'll "workout" your voice to develop that muscle. With V24, you'll know exactly how to train and when to train...No more excuses---It's time to train your "vocal muscle"--- it's time for V24!

Want to see what's inside the V24 program? Check out this quick video walkthrough...