Sing Higher, Louder, Longer, Stronger with the Vendera Vocal Academy (even if you're a complete beginner!)

Wish you could sing higher, but don't have any "natural talent?" Does your voice crack or break when you sing high, then flip into a weak, airy falsetto?

Do you want to sing higher, lower, stronger, longer WITHOUT hurting your voice?

The Vendera Vocal Academy is an online training school that teaches singers all around the world how to add power, stamina, agility, and range to their voices, all without strain or pain!

Live Group Training Sessions!

At least once per month, we invite our students to join us on a group video call.

We go over vocal exercises, do vocal demonstrations, answer questions, give direct personal instruction, and more!

These are always SO fun!


Video Lesson Vault

Watch the replays of EVERY group training session we've ever done!

We have over 60 hour-long training sessions recorded for you to learn from!

Over the years, we've had a whole range of questions on every vocal topic imaginable. If you have a question, there is a good chance we covered it already! We've also covered topics you may not know you want to know about yet!

For the Live Group Training Session replays, we also offer downloadable audio versions so you can listen on the go!

You'll also find replays of our 2-on-2 voice lessons and our topic-specific classes here!

2-on-2 Voice Lessons!

Two coaches, two singing students, one hour!

At least once per month, we offer a 2-on-2 lesson with two of our coaches and two of our singing students.

Each student gets half an hour of time from our two coaches.

The two singers learn from our coaches, and from each other!

The recordings are posted for all in VVA to learn from!

If you want to be included in a future 2-on-2 lesson, let us know ASAP! We have a waiting list!

Vocal Critiques!

Submit a video or audio recording of you singing. It can be a fully produced song, or even just a 30-second clip of you doing a vocal exercise recorded on your phone or computer.

Send in your recording with any questions or concerns you have.

We'll answer you and give you personal feedback on how you can improve!

You can keep the critiques private (so only you and our coaches see them), or you can share them with the rest of VVA to learn from! Your choice! (Most people keep them private.)

Vocal Critique Library

Our other singing students have submitted over 150 vocal critiques and have chosen to share them with our members!

Jump into the Critique Library, listen to them, read their questions, and read our answers!

Many of our students who submit critiques have submitted many over time. You can actually hear them getting better over time!

The Motivated Vocalist Newsletter

This is our private, members-only newsletter specifically for our students in the Vendera Vocal Academy!

Many singers this is their FAVORITE part of the membership. They LOVE getting it in their email every Monday and look forward to starting their week off with the newsletter!

In the Motivated Vocalist Newsletter, we cover all sorts of topics. Vocal health, vocal technique, exercises, style, productivity, motivation, inspiration, practice habits, vocal training apps and devices, touring, stage presence, overcoming stage fright... You name it, we write about it!

AND, we cover topics we don't discuss or teach anywhere else. The Motivated Vocalist Newsletter is an incredible resource that you have to experience to appreciate!

60-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If at any point in the next 60 days you are unhappy with the training, just tell us and you’ll get a quick, prompt, no-questions-asked refund of every cent you invested! Less than 4% of people ever ask for a refund, so that means over 96% of singers LOVE what they get in our programs!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s)

Why is this a membership?

Is it really even possible to learn to sing from an online course?

What makes this better than some other book or course?

I already have Jaime's book Raise Your Voice. Does the Vendera Vocal Academy have more information, or is it just a repeat of what I already have in this book?

What is the Motivated Vocalist Newsletter?

What are all the bonuses I get for signing up?

This sounds good, but I'm not sure if I want to sign up yet. Do you have a trial membership so I can try before I buy?

I want to sing better, but I'm not talented. Will this still work for me?

I'm a beginning singer. Is this program a good match for me?

I'm an experienced singer and my voice is pretty good already. What can VVA offer me?

Who are the instructors?

What are 2-on-2 lessons?

What are the Live Group Training Sessions?

What is the Library Video Vault?

What are Vocal Critiques?

What is the Critique Library?

Can I cancel any time? How do I cancel?

What's your refund policy?

Do VVA students get discounts on private lessons?

What is different about the monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships?

What other stuff is in the Vendera Vocal Academy?

What vocal styles does this program work for?

Jaime Vendera has appeared on these TV shows and networks

Jaime Vendera

Jaime Vendera is the author of the best-selling book on singing, Raise Your Voice. He is the creator of the Vendera Vocal Academy and has been teaching singers how to add power, range, and stamina for  20+ years. He has written dozens of books on vocal technique, practice techniques, creativity, and well-being.

Known as "The Glass-Shatterer," Jaime has shattered glass with his voice TV shows such as Good Morning America, Myth Busters, Superhuman Showdown, Dr. Oz, and many more. He has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, and other media networks.

Professional touring musicians fly in from all around the world to have in-person lessons with him. Each year, Jaime teaches tens of thousands singers of all ages and styles through private lessons, books, online training courses, and international workshops.