TUNED XD, The Only All-In-One App For:

*Shattering Glass with Your Voice like Jaime Vendera (MythBusters/Dream Theater)*
*Accurately Pinpointing Frequency, Amplitude & Modulation of Your Instrument*
*Recording Practice Sessions Acapella, with Scales or with Music*
*Mastering Timing via Metronome, Stopwatch & Tabata Timer*
*Improving Intonation, Dexterity, Breath Control & Stamina*
*7-Octave Pitch Wheel for Maximum Vocal Range Potential*

***BONUS-Tuning Your Guitar/Bass/Violin with Superb Accuracy via Multi-point Tuner***

TunedXD All

Welcome to TUNED XD, the all-in-one musical multitool created for the instrumentalist and vocalists who are dedicated to improving musical and vocal chops. TUNED XD is for beginners and professionals alike, both students and teachers, featuring a wide variety of features to help fine tune your performance skills. TUNED XD is the brainchild of Jaime Vendera, glass shattering world record holder (as seen on MythBusters), vocal coach (Dream Theater, Great White, Thriving Ivory, and more) and author (Raise Your Voice, Mindset, Ultimate Breathing Workout, Extreme Scream/Beyond the Voice series) and Ken Ludden (creator and developer of TUNED XD and DRUMS XD). TUNED XD includes an intonation trainer for vocalists, multi-mode tuner for guitarists, vocal/piano scale generator for musicians/singers to improve their licks, two-track recorder for singing/playing alongside scales or songs from your library, stopwatch and programmable Tabata timer for breathing and timing exercises, metronome, multiple frequency and dynamic meters, Frequency Audio Waveform scanner (or FAV for short) and standard C-C and F-F pitch wheels capable of covering seven octaves. TUNED XD also features a glass shattering game inspired by honorary MythBuster Jaime Vendera, the world’s first singer documented on film to shatter a wineglass by voice alone!

TUNED XD is a split screen app; the top half features one of six functions, selectable by tapping the icons featured on the icon bar in the middle of the screen. The bottom half of the screen features a pitch wheel which can be engaged by sliding the pitch wheel up with your finger or tapping the on/off toggle switch at the bottom center of the screen. When selecting the various functions by tapping the individual icons in the icon bar, only the top half of the screen (above the icon bar) will change, while the bottom half always remains the same to allow multi-functions of the tuner including the decibel meter, frequency meter, and FAV to remain active. TUNED XD functions include (from left to right in the icon bar) include a tuner, intonation trainer/glass breaker game, scale generator, two-track recorder, stopwatch, and metronome mode.


Before watching more TUNED XD instructional videos, I wanted to tell you about this special offer. The TUNED XD Perpetual Contest. This is YOUR chance to win a FREE online voice lesson with vocal coach Jaime Vendera. Watch the video to learn how to join our mailing list to receive monthly notifications of how to enter to win. You can also join our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

Now that you're set up to receive contest notifications, let's review TUNED XD function by function.

 Vocal Pitch (Intonation) Trainer, Guitar Tuner, & 7-Octave Pitch Wheel!

Learn to Shatter Glass with Your Voice!

Vocal & Piano/Guitar Scales Customize-able to YOUR Range/Speed!!!

2-Track Recorder for Honing Your Vocal/Guitar Chops!

Stop Watch, Tabata Timer, & Metronome for Timing & Breathing Exercises!

Download the Tuned XD Advanced User's Guide

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